Buying a home is a big decision - one you literally have to live with.  It is also common to feel nervous.  What's not to be nervous about?  Investing in real estate, for most people, is the largest financial transaction they will ever make.


When you hire me as your Buyer's Agent, I will work hard to find you the perfect home and one you will be happy with for years to come.  I go the extra mile for my customers even AFTER they've purchased a home.  In fact, I'm so dedicated to finding you the perfect home, that I am willing to work for FREE if your new home isn't everything you expected it to be.


I set my self apart from other agents by offering my buyers a unique and unparalleled buyer protection program.


With my "Love It Or Leave It" program, if, within the first 18 months, you become dissatisfied and "fall out of love" with the home you purchase through me, I will sell it for FREE - no questions asked.  Please note there would still be an obligation to compensate any cooperating agents/brokers who may bring a buyer for your home however I would not take a real estate commission on the listing side.


With my "Love It Or Leave It" program, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  you can buy worry-free, remove the stress from home buying and have complete peace of mind.


For the best home, at the best price, with the highest level of protection and the least amount of stress, contact me today.  I'm ready to roll-up my sleeves and go to work for you! 


Mike Gehring, REALTOR®
Direct Line: (239) 280-6341